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Bird Garden
(frissítve: 2017.12.28.)

Discover with us the beauties of Birds and Pets!

Bird Garden, Kereki

Have you ever heard of the first Hungarian private bird collection, the parrot farm in Kereki? The Bird Garden at the Balaton lake has been open for visitors since 2018!  During the last 25 years we have managed to establish one of the biggest private bird collections, representing more than 90 different species, several parrot varieties and pets (Siberian chipmunks, chipmunks, nutrias, rabbits, pheasants, peafowl, etc).  Special parrots from Australia and Oceania include pale-headed rosella, rainbow lory, red lory, australian king parrot, crimson rosella, port lincoln parrot, white cockatoo, etc. Parrots from Asia are represented by species like  alexander parrot, Lord Derby’s parakeet, little alexander parrot, plum-headed parrot. Parrots like the  rosy-faced lovebird or the fischer’s lovebird come from Africa. Parrots from America are amazon parrots, patagonian conures, sun conure parrots.
In addition, you will find several kinds of pheasants and exciting ornamental poultry, peafowl, and perdix in our Bird Garden.
You will also find eggs in the Garden, from the smallest finch eggs to the largest emu eggs.
While taking a walking tour under the big trees, you can discover an amazing part of the vast world of birds. For example, you can see how emus, the second largest ratites, eat.

If you like birds, you are welcome to Kereki!

Program managers:

 Ráczné, Tímea Csóti and Sándor Rácz

Email: madarkert@madarkert.hu

Opening hours: every day, except Tuesdays:

From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the summer period: to 7 p.m.

The garden is also open on holidays.


adults: 1.450.00 HUF
children: 800.00 HUF
pensioners :  1.150.00  HUF


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